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The 🔴 LIVE Roadmap

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"Being early is, uh, good." -Unknown

TLDR; We are launching a 🔴 LIVE roadmap, that gets updated regularly.
First upcoming launch: A free single signer experience.

The Road Ahead

It's been quite a week, launching our design system, kicking of a Malfunction Mania, a shiny new contributor perk and our early adopter deal. After discussing Version 1.0 a lot, we want to close the week by looking ahead. As an open company, we want transparency about what we are working on and what to expect next. Especially for our Early Adopters, we want to paint a clear picture of what to expect in the near term.

Communicating software development progress and goals is historically tricky because of it's complex nature. Exact release dates are notoriously unreliable; if they are not, they force a particular style of development, forcing the team to make tradeoffs on scope and quality.

To give an appropriate insight into our work, we are launching our new 🔴 LIVE roadmap today:

  • A List of quarterly development and feature goals
  • That gets updated regularly (bi-weekly)
  • Has up-to-date insights from the team on where we stand

While there are some great features planned, one stands out: Single Player Mode!

Announcing Documenso Singleplayer Mode

🚨 We are going back to Product Hunt! Are you ready, player one?

Single Player Mode will be a free, loginless signing experience for single signers. If you hate creating an account to sign a single, once-in-a-while-document yourself as much as we do, we've got you. Our new free tier will accompany Singleplayer. While you don't HAVE to create an account to sign sth. quickly, you can. A free tier Documenso Account will give you the following:

  • A place to store all your sent and received Documenso-signed documents
  • Free forever
  • Unlimited recipients
  • 5 free signatures per month (for now, excluding third party types like QES)
  • The use of templates, as soon as we release them

Singleplayer will launch in the first half of October, shortly after the release of 1.0, ON PRODUCT HUNT! That's right, we are going back to Product Hunt to kick of this new phase of Documenso and you are invited to join us once again :)

Subscribe on PH to be notified when we launch.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out on Twitter / X (DM open) or Discord.

Best from Hamburg

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