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Announcing Malfunction Mania

Image of Timur Ercan

Timur Ercan


Malfunctioning Documenso Logo in broken colors

We're calling a MALFUNCTION MANIA! 🚨

TLDR; Documenso 1.0 is in the staging environment. Go check it out.

It's been a minute since Lucas proclaimed, "We're doing a rewrite", and many of you have been asking when the new version will be available. I'm happy to say that the wait has come to an end. The work on Documenso 1.0 has reached a level we feel comfortable going into the next phase with. We had a lot of community feedback, contributions, and moral support to get us this far, which is why we're excited to announce the most extensive community project yet:

As Documenso 1.0 just hit the staging environment, we're calling a MALFUNCTION MANIA. An enormous, public testing phase, where we invite everyone to try out the new version, hunt down, report, and fix any malfunctions (aka bugs), and give feedback before release. Malfunction Mania will happen alongside our internal testing, and by combining the two, we want to ensure the best possible release we can have for Version 1.0. We know many of you have been eager to contribute; this is your chance (the first of many to come).

As part of Malfunction Mania, we're offering special bug bounties

  • We award $25 - $100 per report/ issue/ fix, depending on the severity and if the problem is already known
  • Bounties will be awarded for fixing reported or other critical issues via accepted Pull Requests (PR)
  • Just reporting issues in a reproducible way can also be awarded
  • Smaller but notable contributions like minor issues and documentation will be awarded with exclusive merch as we see fit.

What you can do

  • Head over to the staging environment, check out the new version and give it a spin;
  • Check out the source code on GitHub and look it over;
  • Spin up the new version locally and try it out.

How to get the bounties

  • Report bugs by creating an issue here:;
  • Fix bugs by creating a Pull Request (PR);
  • Look over and add missing documentation/ Quickstarts and other useful resources.

Best from Hamburg Timur

We don't have a specific end date for Malfunction Mania. We plan to move the staging version into the production environment by the end of the month once we're happy with the results. Bug reports and fixes are, of course, always welcome going forward.

Follow Documenso on Twitter / X and join the Discord server to get the latest about Malfunction Mania.

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