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Malfunctioning Mania Themed Documenso Shirt

The Limited Edition "Malfunction Mania" Shirt - Only during Malfunction Mania

TLDR; We have a fancy limited edition shirt. Contribute to Malfunction Mania to get one.

We kicked off Malfunction Mania yesterday, and the first issues are coming in. As mentioned, there will be dollar bounties, but we also wanted to celebrate entering the final stage of version 1.0 with something special. This is why we created this limited edition shirt. It will only be available during the runtime of Malfunction Mania. We have yet to set an exact end date, the next event in October, however, is looming, ready to end MM.

Documenso Merch Shop

The shirt will be available in our merch shop via a unique discount code. While the shirt will be gone after Malfunction Mania, the shop is here to stay and provide a well-deserved reward for great community members and contributors. All items can be earned by contributing to Documenso.

Malfunctioning Mania Themed Documenso Shirt

Merch at Documenso is always given to those who deserve it.

How earn the shirt

If you have been following us, you know we are not big on formalities but highly value rewarding merit. That being said, any worthwhile contribution has a chance to get one. To inspire, here are a few ideas on how to contribute to securing one:

  • Report a bug with detailed reproduction details
  • Fix a bug (you or somebody else reported)
  • Analyze and describe a usability or user experience shortcoming
  • Test the product in a systematic and least somewhat documented way
  • Engage in discussion about the current version and its choices
  • Raise awareness for Malfunction Mania and try out the version currently in staging
  • Review the version with a video, stream, or screenshots and post about it
  • Review existing or create missing documentation

Best from Hamburg Timur

Follow Documenso on Twitter / X and join the Discord server to get the latest updates about Malfunction Mania.

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