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Documenso — The Open Source DocuSign Alternative.

Signing documents is a fundamental building block of private, economic, and government interactions. Access to easy and secure signing to participate in society should therefore be a fundamental right for everyone. The technology to enable this should be accessible and widespread.

We know that open source is the key to solving this need once and for all to benefit all humankind. Using open source kickstarts innovation by putting the open sharing of ideas and solutions first. With Documenso, we will create an open and globally accessible signing platform to empower users, customers, and developers to fulfill their needs. Documenso is built by and for the global community, listening and implementing what is needed. Being transparent with the code and the processes that use it brings trust and security to the platform.

We build Documenso for longevity and scale by embracing the capital efficiency and inclusiveness of the Commercial Open Source (COSS) movement. We are building a global commodity for the world.

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