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Launch Week II - Day 5 - Documenso Profiles

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TLDR; Documenso profiles allow you to send signing links to people so they can sign anytime and see who you are. Documenso Profile Usernames can be claimed starting today. Long ones free, short ones paid. Profiles launch as soon as they are shiny.

Introducing Documenso Profile Links

Day 5 - The Finale 🔥

Signing documents has always been between humans, and signing something together should be as frictionless as possible. It should also be async, so you don't force your counterpart to jog to their device to send something when you are ready. Today we are announcing the new Documenso Profiles:

Timur's Documenso Profile

Async > Sync: Add public templates to your Documenso Link and let people sign whenever they are ready.

Documenso profiles work with your existing templates. You can just add them to your public profile to let everyone with your link sign them. With profiles, we want to bring back the human aspect of signing.

By making profiles public, you can always access what your counterparty offers and make them more visible in the process. Long-term, we plan to add more to profiles to help you ensure the person you are dealing with is who they claim to be. Documenso wants to be the trust layer of the internet, and we want to start at the very fundamental level: The individual transaction.

Profiles are our first step towards bringing more trust into everything, simply by making the use of signing more frictionless. As there is more and more content of questionable origin out there, we want to support you in making it clear what you send out and what not.

Pricing and Claiming

Documenso profile username can be claimed starting today. Documenso profiles will launch as soon as we are happy with the details ✨

  • Long usernames (6 characters or more) come free with every account, e.g.
  • Short usernames (5 characters or fewer) or less require any paid account (Early Adopter, Teams or Enterprise): e.g.,

You can claim your username here:

🚨 We need you help to help us to make this the biggest launch week yet: Support us on Twitter or anywhere to spread awareness for open signing! The best posts will receive merch codes 👀

Best from Hamburg

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