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Launch Week II - Day 1 - Teams

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Timur Ercan


TLDR; Docucmenso now supports teams that share documents, templates and a team mail address. Early Adopter get UNLIMITED1 Users.

Kicking off Launch Week II - "Connected"

The day has come! Roughly 5 months after kicked off our first launch week with open sourcing our design and Malfunction Mania, Launch Week #2 is here 🎉 This Launch Week's theme is "connected", since this is all about connecting humans, machines and documents.

Working with documents and getting that signature is a team sport. This is why we are kicking it off today with a very long-awaited feature: Documenso now supports teams!

Introducing Teams for Documenso

You can now create teams next to your personal account: Simply invite your colleagues, and you can include everyone you like in working with your documents. With teams, you can:

  • Send unlimited signature requests with unlimited recipients
  • Create, view, edit and sign documents owned by the team
  • Define a dedicated team email, to receive signing requests into a team inbox for the owner to sign
  • Manage team roles: Member (Create+Edit), Managers (+Manage Team Members), Owner (+Transfer Team +Delete Team + Sign Documents sent to team email)


Together with Teams, we are announcing the new teams pricing:

  • $10 per seat per month
  • 5 seats minimum
  • You can add seats dynamically as needed

This pricing will take effect, as soon as the early adopter seats run out. Want to check out teams:

Early Adopter Perks

There is one more point on pricing I have been looking forward to for a long time:

All early adopter plans now include UNLIMITED teams and users1 . We appreciate your support so far very much, and I'm happy to announce this first of more early adopter perks to come. We have roughly 48 early adopter plans left, so if you plan to onboard your team, now is a great time to grab your early adopter seat.

We are eager to hear from all teams users how you like this addition and what we can add to make it even better. Connect with us on Twitter / X (DM open) or Discord if you have any questions or comments! We're always here, and we would love to hear from you :)

🚨 We need you help to help us to make this the biggest launch week yet: Support us on Twitter or anywhere to spread awareness for open signing! The best posts will receive merch codes 👀

Best from Hamburg

[1] Within reason. If you are unsure what that means, feel free to contact and ask for clarification if it's more than 100.

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